When it comes to fitting ICE Washers in your reel it is a fairly simple task for front drag spinning reels. Other reels can be slightly more challenging and we would always recommend using a professional to repair and maintain your reels.

Here is a great video by our friend Jason from Cuttzys Leads explaining ICE Washers and how to install them.

If you prefer step by step photos then follow below. This is for the Shimano Ultegra 10000 XSC but installation of ICE Washers is very similar for all front drag reels.


STEP 1 - Unscrew and remove the spool cap. 


STEP 2 - Remove the spool from the reel. 

Step 3, 4 and 5

STEP 3 -  You will either see some screws on the top of the spool (as shown in this image) or a wire spring clip. Remove them. 

STEP 4 - Remove the drag washers from inside the spool. Keep a note of the order in which you removed them.

STEP 5 - Remove all the grease off the metal washers and remove all excess grease inside the spool.

Step 6

STEP 6 - Swap the existing drag washers (not the metal washers) with the ICE Washers. Keep them organised in the correct order.

Step 7Step 8Step 9

Step 10Step 11Step 12
Step 13Step 14Step 15
STEP 7 to 15 - Re-assemble everything back together in the same order which you removed them.