How many ICE Washers do I get per set?

Each set has enough ICE Washers to modify one spool for the specific reel that you have selected. 

Are ICE Washers easy to install?

Yes! We have created a set of instructions of how to install in a typical front drag spinning reel under our INSTALLATION section. If you run into any problems you can contact us and we will help.

If you prefer to use a professional then we are happy to recommend suitable reel repair and maintenance partners.

Do I need to use grease with ICE Washers?

No, we developed ICE Washers to work without grease. This gives much more consistent performance over a range of conditions and temperatures. We formulated the material to have self lubricating properties.

I can't find my reel on your list. Can you make some for my reel?

Yes! We have our own industrial machines so that we can make shape and size of washer. We would just need you to supply some information on the original washer sizes and the reel model which you wish to modify.

Do ICE Washers make my drag quicker?

Possibly. The speed of the drag system is a function of a few different things such as spool cap design. ICE Washers will make the drag quicker but it does vary from reel to reel. We are happy to discuss the challenges you face and see if we can develop solutions for you.

Do ICE Washers make my drag smoother?

YES! ICE Washers have proven to give super smooth drag performance to reels across all angling disciplines. When you play the fish you have much more control with the progressive drag performance without compromising max drag.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are happy to ship internationally. Sometimes it can take a little while to arrive... but we all know that the best things are worth waiting for ;)